Blocked Vent Pressure Switch

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Vent Pressure Switch

Stock Code: 7250P-150

The block vent pressure switch is used to make sure that the exhaust from the product can safely exit through the vent.

Most standard orders will ship within 1 - 3 days as long as stock is available.

Part Diagrams
Replacement Parts 500, 700 & 800 Models
Product Family Phoenix, Phoenix Plus, Versa Hydro, ModCon VWH, Elite VWH, ModCon Doublestack, ModCon Doublestack R1, ModCon Doublestack VWH, ModCon Doublestack R1 VWH, ModCon, Pioneer, Versa Flame, MC Series, Elite, Munchkin W925, Voyager, Munchkin VWH, Elite Plus, Munchkin
Parts Category Pressure Switch
Weight 0.1 lbs.
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